Boomtown 2017




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The Boomtown games 2016  


Bassline Circus at Fusion 2014


In Development:


Titled after the classic scanned Laser effect and a cult 80’s cult Sci Fi movie, Liquid Sky is Ceremonial performance led by SUE ZUKI's dark wave live set, featuring the seminal Laser Rope act developed by Bassline Circus. Aiming to be performed in church-like spaces.
Produced in association with Feral

premiere 26-27 May 2018 (Tramway, Glasgow)
Take Me Somewhere festival


A Vectorized Circus Concert

Colliding the unlikely disciplines of Hand balancing, Krump and Flexing, FLIP combines virtuoso circus and street dance with reactive video projection and hypnotic shadow play and features rising Composer/Mc Eva Lazarus with a soundtrack from Mungo’s Hifi.
Produced in association with Feral

Upcoming Residency:
18-22nd March Newcastle Under-Lyme

Part of NofitState/ New Vic Theatre ‘Past, present and Future Circus' residency program.

Summer 2017 residencies
Transmission Jackson Lane, Stratford Circus
Supported by ACE


“mind-bending and virtually life-affirming”





15th Feb - 21st April sees our BIG TOP going up in Newcastle - Under - Lyme for CIRCUS 250 - a nationwide celebration of the birth of modern circus by Newcastle’s own Philip Astley. Our tent will host the 4 circus companies invited for the‘Circus Past Present & Future’, lead by the New Vic Theatre and NoFit State Circus.




Summer 2017
Boomtown Barrio Loco
Boomtown Fair , Hampshire, UK
Multi Dimensional Theatrical Experience
A cast of 50+ artists populated the rooftops and balconies of Bario Loco, swapping tricks n’ Skills, running up walls, climbing buildings and dancing to the beats of the Barrio


BASSLINE Interview
with This is Cabaret Magazine

"Bassline was formed by veteran sound systems from the European free party scene who joined forces with young circus performers who understood the link between traditional outcast travelling art forms and its modern incarnations. Though many from our original crew have moved on to other high profile UK festival projects, Bassline Circus always tries to keep that conscious vibe that links bass music and a spirit of resistance; and this goes far beyond music too"




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